Autodesk Revit: Revealing Hidden Elements

In this Autodesk Revit tutorial I am going to show you how to Reveal elements that you have previously hidden in a view. If you’d like to watch the video version of this tutorial first, simply click in the box below….



In a previous tutorial we look at how we can hide a single elements (or group of elements) in a specific view. Take the example in the image below….




We can hide just the middle desk by selecting it, right-clicking and choosing “Hide in View > Element. That results in it being hidden in this view only, like so…..




But what if we change our mind and want to actually display it again in this view? That’s where the “Reveal Hidden Elements” tool comes into play. If you look down on thew View Control Bar for your active view, you will see an icon of a lightbulb….




This lightbulb icon is the “Reveal Hidden Elements” tool. Simply click on the lightbulb. The icon itself will glow to tell you that “Reveal Hidden Elements” mode is now active. Once this mode is activated you’ll notice two things….




  1. The border of the active window turns magenta. This reminds you that you are in “Reveal Hidden Elements” mode. It will stay like this until you turn this mode off by clicking on the lightbulb icon again.
  2. Any element that is currently hidden in this view is now displayed in a magenta colour. All other elements in the view that were not hidden are greyed out whilst in this mode. This makes it much easier to see the magenta coloured elements (i.e. the ones that were hidden)
Now that you can actually identify the elements that are hidden, you can set about “unhiding” them. Go ahead:-
  1. Select the desk that is currently hidden
  2. Right-click and select “Unhide in View”
  3. select “Elements” from the pop-out sub-menu.





Notice (in the image below)n that the desk is now just greyed-out, the same as all the other objects. This confirms that it is no longer hidden in this view….





All we need to do now is turn off the “Reveal Hidden Elements” mode. To do so, simply click on the lightbulb icon again on the View Control Bar.





Key Points:

  • Elements that have been hidden in a view can ONLY be identified with the “Reveal Hidden Elements” tool
  • The active window will have a magenta border when the “Reveal Hidden Elements” mode is active
  • Use the “Unhide in View” option (whilst) in “Reveal Hidden Elements” mode view to reverse the “Hide in View” process.
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