The Complete Guide to Creating Autodesk Revit Families

Component Families are literally the building blocks of any Revit Model. In my brand new Course you will learn everything you need to know in order to create your own complex, parametrically driven Component Families. Every stage of the process is explained by both written article and narrated (HD) Video Tutorials. Upon completion of this Course you will be able to create any object you can envisage, as a Revit Component Family

Please Note: Places are limited for those wishing to join the Early Access Group and start this Course in April 2018 (See Product Page for availability)

Course Details
Course Objective:To enable you to create complex, parametric Component Families for Autodesk Revit
Required Experience:No prior experience of creating Component Families is required at all. However, Delegates should be comfortable will the fundamental concepts contained within The Complete Beginners Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture (ie Levels, Views, etc)
Course Format:Both Written and Video Tutorials for all Units: The Course is taken online at
~10 hours of 720P HD Video streamed from Vimeo Pro
Course Duration:The Course will be delivered sequentially over 8 Weeks
Course Access:Once you have completed the Course, you will have unlimited online access to it
Course Support:Free online Support Forum specifically for this Course
Consultation Period:Consultation with the Early Access Group will be throughout March 2018
Course Start Date:For the Early Access Group, the Course will officially start on Monday 2 April, 2018
Available Places:Early Access is strictly limited to 200 places. Once these have been filled, the Course will only then be available to purchase on (and after) Monday 4th June, 2018
How to enrol for this Course:Please visit the Product Page for this Course
Module 1: Introduction
The first Module in this Course gives an introduction to Component Families and The Family Editor
1.01Welcome to the Course!A short introduction to the Course, its’ format and the support provided with it
1.02Component Families: An overviewAn overview of Component Families (relationship to Types, etc)
1.03Host Based versus Stand Alone FamiliesAn explanation of the differences between Host-based and Standalone Families
1.04The Family Editor: Interface OverviewA review and explanation of the Revit Family Editor interface
Q1Module QuizTest your knowledge of the concepts covered in this Module
Module 2: Creating Component Families: (Suggested Workflow & Practical Exercise)
In this Module I take you through the typical Workflow of creating a Component Family.
2.01Choosing the correct Family TemplateLearn the fundamental differences between the various Family Templates
2.02Creating a Parametric FrameworkLearn to create a parametric framework for your geometry to hang off
2.03Adding Dimensions, Labels and FormulasMake your Component Family fully parametric, by adding Labels (parameters)
2.04Flexing the FrameworkCheck your parametric framework works as expected- before you go too far!
2.05Creating the 3D Geometry (Forms and Voids)It's now time to put some meat onto the bones! Let’s add the 3D geometry
2.06Creating Family TypesMake the most use out of your hard work by creating different Types
2.07Adding 2D DetailLearn to add 2D detailing to your Component Family
2.08Configure Visibility SettingsLearn how to make your Family change according to Detail Level and Views
2.09Load into a Project and Test!Saving Custom Family Files, Loading into a Project and Testing
Q2Module QuizTest your knowledge of the concepts covered in this Module
Module 3: Family Templates Types
In this Module we take a look at variety of different Family Templates and their respective uses
3.01Hosted Component TemplatesLearn all about the primary “Hosted” Family Templates
3.02Profile FamiliesLearn hoe Profile Family templates work and what they are used for
3.03Symbol FamiliesLearn how to create Symbol Families
3.04AnnotationsLearn how to create Annotation Families
3.05TitleblocksLearn how to create your own custom Titleblock Families
3.06Doors and WindowsLearn the fundamentals of using the Door and Window Family Templates
Q3Module QuizTest your knowledge of the concepts covered in this Module
Module 4: Creating Forms and Voids
In this Module you will learn how to use all the Geometry Creation Tools contained within the Family Editor.
4.01Reference Planes and Reference LinesCreating a Parametric Framework for your Forms and Voids
4.02Aligning and LockingLean how to align and lock your elements to the parametric framework
4.03Creating Extruded FormsLearn to use The Family Editor’s “Extrude” tool
4.04Creating Blend FormsLearn to use The Family Editor’s “Blend” tool
4.05Creating Revolve FormsLearn to use The Family Editor’s “Revolve” tool
4.06Creating Sweep FormsLearn to use The Family Editor’s “Sweep” tool
4.07Creating Swept Blend FormsLearn to use The Family Editor’s “Swept Blend” tool
4.08Creating Void FormsLearn how to create Void Forms and then how to use them!
Q4Module QuizTest your knowledge of the concepts covered in this Module
Module 5: Categories and Parameters
In this Module we take a detailed look at both Categories and Parameters. Learn how to create and utilise a variety of different parameter types
5.01Categories and Sub-CategoriesLearn how to set Categories and Subcategories for your Families
5.02Project Parameters versus Shared ParametersLearn the fundamental differences between Project and Shared Parameters
5.03Parameter TypesLearn about all the different Parameter types and when they each applicable
5.04Shared ParametersLearn to create Shared Parameters (including a Shared Parameters File)
5.05Associating Family ParametersGet your Family Parameters to talk to each other, when Nested!
5.06Creating Type CataloguesSave the User (of your Family) time by creating Type Catalogues
Q5Module QuizTest your knowledge of the concepts covered in this Module
Module 6: Adding Detail
Component Families are not just about 3D geometry. They can contain a wealth of 2D detail as well. In this Module you learn how to add these to your Components
6.01Symbolic LinesCreate 2D graphical representation in Plan and Elevation Views
6.02Detail ComponentsCreate and Nest Detail Components into parent Families
6.03SymbolsCreate and Nest Symbols into parent Families
6.04Masking RegionsAdd Masking Regions to your Families
Q6Module QuizTest your knowledge of the concepts covered in this Module
Module 7: Additional Component Family Tools and Techniques
This Module covers all the additional tools and techniques that you may need in order to create your Component Family
7.01Nested FamiliesLearn how to nest Families and thus make the most of your hard work!
7.02Adding ControlsAdd Controls to allow the User to manipulate your Component in a Project
7.03Adding Connectors (MEP Families)Learn how to add MEP Connectors so that they can be part of MEP Systems
7.04Light Fixture FamiliesLearn the fundamentals of creating a Light Fixture Family
7.05Room Calculation PointsAdd Room Calculation Points to all correct Scheduling by the User
7.06Adding OpeningsAdd Openings to Wall-Hosted Component Families
7.07Cut with VoidsLet your Component Family cut other geometry in the Project Environment
7.08Opening Cuts (for Doors and Windows)Learn how to edit the default Opening Cut in Door and Window Templates
Q7Module QuizTest your knowledge of the concepts covered in this Module
Module 8: Graphics and Visibility Settings
In this Module you will learn how to make your Components adapt to differing Detail Levels and View Selection, by the User
8.01Detail LevelsLearn how to make your Family respond to changes in Detail Leve, by its User
8.02Element Visibility and Display SettingsMake your Component Family change its appearance according to the View
8.03Object StylesLearn how to define and use Object Styles
8.04MaterialsLearn how to assign Materials to the elements of your Component Family
Q8Module QuizTest your knowledge of the concepts covered in this Module