Greg: The Complete Guide to Creating Autodesk Revit Families X 7

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Hi Greg,

This purchase of this single “product” is for 7 sign-ups of the Families Course.

Cost= 7 x £28= £196    (The £28 is equal to a discount of 30% of the standard price of £40).

Taxes if applicable are added at the Checkout. If no tax was added to you previous purchase, then no tax is added to the above.

The price will automatically be converted into your currency at the checkout- as it was with your purchase.

Once you have made this purchase, ask you 7 guys to “purchase” the standard “Families Course” from the Store and enter the Coupon Code that I’ll email to you (so it’s not public on the store). This will discount their purchases by 100% (as you will already have purchased the courses for them, in this single purchase).

I’ll enable this Coupon for a couple of days. Just let me know when everyone’s enrolled and I’ll delete the Coupon.

Any problems at all, just drop me an email.

Many thanks indeed,

Kind regards,