Revit Roofs Masterclass

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Learn everything about Autodesk Revit’s Roof functionality:-

  • 9 Modules
  • 38 Units
  • 38 Video Tutorials
  • Both written articles (with images) and videos
  • 8 Module Quizzes to test your understanding
  • Forum Support: Get help with any aspect of this Course
  • PDF Completion Certificate
  • Purchase once- take as many times as you wish.

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Below is an Outline of the Course content. Please click here for a detailed description

Module 1 Revit Roofs: Fundamental Concepts
Unit 1 Migrate this Course to the new
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Roof by Footprint: An overview
Unit 4 Roof by Extrusion: An overview
Module 2 Creating Basic Roofs
Unit 1 Creating a Roof by Footprint
Unit 2 Creating a Roof by Extrusion
Unit 3 Creating a Glazed Roof
Unit 4 Module 2 Quiz
Module 3 Roof Properties
Unit 1 Roof Instance Properties
Unit 2 Roof Type Properties
Unit 3 Module Quiz
Module 4 Roof Assemblies
Unit 1 Creating a new Basic Roof Type
Unit 2 Creating a new Sloped Glazing Type
Unit 3 Module Quiz
Module 5 Roof Forms
Unit 1 Flat Roofs
Unit 2 Monopitch Roofs
Unit 3 Hipped Roofs
Unit 4 Gambrel Roofs
Unit 5 Mansard Roofs
Unit 6 Hipped Gable Roofs
Unit 7 Dormer Roofs
Unit 8 Module Quiz
Module 6 Modifying Roofs
Unit 1 Editing the Footprint
Unit 2 Changing the Slope
Unit 3 Rafter Cut Profiles
Unit 4 Roof Cutoff Level
Unit 5 Aligning Eaves
Unit 6 Module Quiz
Module 7 Complex Roofs
Unit 1 Unequal pitches using Slope Arrows
Unit 2 Four sided Gabled Roofs
Unit 3 Curved Roofs
Unit 4 Joining / Unjoining Roofs
Unit 5 Module Quiz
Module 8 Detailing Roofs
Unit 1 Wall and Roof junctions
Unit 2 Editing Layer Profiles
Unit 3 When to stop Modelling and start Detailing
Unit 4 Module Quiz
Module 9 Roof Accessories
Unit 1 Roof Openings
Unit 2 Roof Fascias
Unit 3 Roof Soffits
Unit 4 Roof Gutters
Unit 5 Skylights and Roof Windows
Unit 6 Module Quiz


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