Yes, Revit can produce a hand-sketched look!

So when it comes to Visual Styles in Revit, we’ve got our choice of Hidden Line, Shaded, etc- basically all the options you are used to seeing in the Visual Styles drop-down menu located in the View Control Bar…



So what if these Styles are all a little too harsh for your liking? What if you’re after something a little bit more artistic? Well, up until fairly recently, your main course of action would be to export your view into an image editor (such as PhotoShop) and add an effect to it.

But now Revit allows you to create those hand-sketched images right from within the application. So how do we do this? We need to look under Grpahic Display Options…



Selecting this will bring up a floating panel. Halfway down the panel you will see an option for Sketchy Lines….




If we click on the small triangle on the left hand side, we will see all the control and options relating to Sketchy Lines….




So to get that hand-sketched look to your View, all you have to do is check the “Enable Sketchy Lines” tick box and adjust the Jitter and Extension parameters to your liking. Jitter controls how shaky (or wavy) the lines are along their length. Whilst Extension control how far they shoot over their end-point or intersections. You will just need to play around with both of these parameters until you find a look that suits.

So what does a typical Sketchy Line view look like in Revit. Here’s an example from one of my projects…..




If you’re new to Revit Architecture, you may be interested in my freeComplete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Architecture84 part video tutorial course.

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