Revit: Setting the Thumbnail Preview image

One of the great things about Revit’s Launch Screen is that it shows you the last 4 Projects (and Families) that you have been working on. Not only do you get the File Name, but also a lovely Thumbnail Preview image





Also, if you use the “Open” button, you get a thumbnail preview in the File Browser window….




Did you know that (from within Revit) you can set exactly what you want to be shown in the Preview thumbnail? Well, you can and it’s very easy to do. When you come to save your project, take a look at the bottom-right of the “Save as” dialogue box. You will notice a button called “Options“…..




If you click on that button, you will open the “File Save Options” panel. The bottom half of the panel is dedicated to the management of the Thumbnail Preview image……




The drop-down selector (named “Source“) lists all the views in your project that can be selected as a Thumbnail Preview image. So just go ahead and pick the view that you wish to see in the Launch Screen / Open Project file browser window.

The tick-box at the bottom (“Regenerate if view/sheet is not up-to-date“) allows the Preview image to automatically update if the source view has been updated.


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