Revit: Where’s my interface gone?

When you start out using Revit, one thing that will happen to you soon or later (usually ‘sooner’) is that your Properties Palette or Project Browser will disappear and you’ll be left wondering where they’ve gone and (more importantly) how to bring them back! To save you precious minutes (or hours) let me show you how to get them back. At least you’ll then be prepared for the inevitable!

So why does the Project Browser of Properties palette disappear? It is usually because you inadvertently closed them by clicking on their “Close” buttons……





So let’s take each of these in turn. The Properties palette is the easiest to reinstate. You simply use the keyboard shortcut “PP“. And that’s it- it’s back!

To bring back the Project Browser, the easiest method is to right click anywhere in the drawing area. This will bring up a context-sensitive menu block. Near the bottom of this menu, you will see “Browsers”. Hover over this and a fly-out will show both “Project Browser” and “System Browser“. Go ahead and click on Project Browser to instantly reinstate it back into your application window.missinginterface_03You will also notice at the bottom of this menu is the “Properties” toggle. So you can also use this to turn on the Properties palette– but it’s obviously not as quick as hitting PP on your keyboard. Over the years I have seen many people temporarily “lose” these elements of the User Interface and have been at a loss how to get them back. Hopefully this article will save you from that fate!

Update: As @seandburke rightfully pointed out on Twitter, undocking a laptop can also cause the palettes to either move or disappear.


If you’re new to Revit Architecture, you may be interested in my freeComplete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Architecture84 part video tutorial course.

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