The Second Annual BIM Conference: 50% Discount for BIMscape Members

If you’re in the UK, you are probably aware that the Government’s deadline of April 2016 (for Level 2 BIM) is almost upon us. How ready are you? Are you fully aware of the implications and obligations of meeting the Level 2 criteria? Have you already achieved Level 2? To discuss the success of the introduction of Level 2 BIM, the University of Salford (Manchester) is hosting it’s second Annual BIM Conference on 12th July, 2016.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to catch-up with the current status of BIM adoption in the UK and also to learn about some of the challenges in going forward with Level 3 and beyond.

From the University of Salford’s official website…….

The Second Annual BIM Conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to learn, debate and discuss about the arguments surrounding how widespread use of BIM can be encouraged in the construction industry, the effects of government initiatives on BIM uptake, advancements in BIM technology, and the environmental benefits of BIM adoption. Delegates will hear from speakers who will build on the discussions of last year and explore what more can be done to achieve the widespread benefits that BIM has to offer. Topics covered will include the successes of BIM Level 2, how BIM Level 3 will benefit the industry and UK as a whole, advancements in technology and the benefits and barriers of widespread BIM.

The Benefits of Attending are:

  • Benefits of widespread adoption of BIM
  • Achievements of Level 2 BIM
  • Industry concerns around Level 3 BIM
  • Extent of BIM uptake in industry
  • Role of BIM in the Internet of Things
  • Advancements in BIM technology
  • Potential of BIM technology on the construction site
  • Dangers of data sharing and cyberattack
  • Financial advantages of BIM usage
  • Environmental benefits of BIM

For detailed information about the Summit, please visit the official webpage at

Personally, I will be attending the event (as an audience member) and it would be great to catch up with some of you if you can make it. In collaboration with the University of Salford, I have managed to negotiate a massive 50% discount on the ticket price. This deal is for BIMscape Members. In order to receive your discount (which must be at the time of booking), you’ll need to quote a special BIMscape code. I will post this code (and details on how to register for the Summit) on your “Welcome Back” login page. If you don’t currently have a free BIMscape Membership, just click on the “Membership” link at the top of the website and fill out the form. Two minutes later and you’re a member!

‘Hopefully see you at the Conference!

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