“The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Architecture”: Course Itinerary announced!

It’s been a long time in the wings, but I’m now at a stage where I can release the Course Itinerary for the forthcoming “Complete Beginner’s Guide to Revit Architecture“. I have spent a long time working out what the content of this course should be. I wanted to ensure that it is a comprehensive and complete guide to all the basics of the software.




The outcome of all this deliberation is an 84 part video (with accompanying written articles) tutorial course, to be launched next month. Production work on the videos and articles is going well and I’m on schedule to publish the first couple of Modules at the start of November. By the end of December the full course will be available in it’s entirety. The Official Launch will be announced in my Free BIM Newsletter– so if you’re not currently receiving it, you can subscribe here.

I am releasing the Course Itinerary now to wet your appetites! If you have friends or colleagues who are interested in learning Revit, please share this page with them.

Here is a sample video from the Series….


Oh, I almost forgot! The entire video training course is 100% Free. So please enjoy it, please learn from it and please share the knowledge with others.  Roll on November!

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  1. Hi,
    I think you should also include the basic step of setting up Project North and True North. This will surely help people who are new to revit.
    In auto cad you can easily rotate the project and place it on the sheet and get the job done. But in revit you have think and setup the layout of the project sheet as i had faced some problems while setting up the sheet.
    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards.

    • Hi,

      Fantastic idea- many thanks.

      May I ask, would you like to contribute to defining the Course Itinerary. I’m going to start a dedicated Topic on our Forum and I would really love to get a good debate going as to what should / shouldn’t be in a Beginners Course.

      Thanks once again,

    • Many thanks for the Review and the suggestions. Project North, True North, etc; will all be covered in a dedicated course on “Site and Context in Revit Architecture” in the near future.

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