Autodesk Revit Architecture ‘Fundamentals’ Training

Learn the true fundamentals of Autodesk Revit Architecture with my 3 day training course, based at your office (anywhere in the United Kingdom).


Over the course of 3 days you will learn the essential core concepts of the Autodesk Revit Architecture platform. Through a combination of presentation, discussion and practical exercises; you will have the opportunity to validate your understanding of the key tools and their application.


Course Itinerary

The Revit Interface
  • A full overview of the Autodesk Revit interface.
  • All main menus, Ribbon Panels and Palettes are discussed
Starting a Project
  • Learn the difference between the main file formats that Revit produces.
  • Understand the role of Templates in Autodesk Revit.
  • Customise the Interface to suit your construction discipline.
  • Learn the relationship between Levels and Views.
  • Learn how to create new Levels and manipulate existing ones.
  • Learn the importance of Levels, when and why they are typically used.
Basic Model Elements
  • Learn to use the tools associated with the creation of primary 3D elements.
  • Create Walls and modifiy existing Wall Types to create new ones.
  • Understand the difference between Instance and Type Parameters and how they effect the elements in your model.
  • Learn how to add Doors to your model. Create new Door Types from existing Door Families.
  • Learn how to load additional Families into your model.
  • Learn how to use Temporary Dimensions to dramatically increase the speed of your modelling.
  • Learn how to add Windows to your model. Create new Window Types from existing Window Families.
  • Learn how to add Openings to your Walls- by the use of the Openings tool and Editing the Wall’s Profile.
Modifying Elements
  • Learn how to use all the key tools for modification, including Move, Rotate, Copy, Trim/Extend, Align, Mirror, Split, Offset, Pin, Delete and Array
Views and Visibility / Graphic Overrides
  • Learn how to control the visibility of model and detail elements in each View through the use of the Visibility / Graphic Overrides controls, Temporary Hide
More Model Elements
  • Learn how to add Floors to your model
  • Learn how to add Openings to Floor elements
  • Learn how to create Sloped Floors
  • Learn how to create Curtain Wall Systems and embed them into regular Wall Types
  • Learn how to create Stairs by Component
  • Learn how to add Ceiling elements to your model
  • Learn how to add Railings to your model
  • Learn how to add Roofs– both by Footprint and Extrusion
  • Learn how to add Architectural Columns to your model
Creating Views from the Model
  • Learn how to generate Elevations automatically from your model
  • Learn how to generate Sections automatically from your model
  • Learn how to generate 3D Views from your model- both isometric and perspective views
  • Learn how to use Section Boxes to better visualise your model
  • Learn how to create Callouts from your model
  • Learn how to create Drafting Views and reference them to specific areas of your model
  • Learn how to use Crop Regions to define exactly what you want each View to show
Construction documents
  • Understand the fundamental differences between Model Elements and Detail Elements/Annotations
  • Learn how to create and use Detail Lines
  • Understand the use of Masking and Filled Regions
  • Learn how to use all Dimension Types
  • Learn how to use Dimensions to efficiently set out and constrain your model
  • Understand the use of Legend Views and how to add Legend Components to them
  • Learnt o create 2D and 3D Text
Rooms and Schedules
  • Understand the use of the Room Element in Autodesk Revit
  • Learn how to place Rooms in your model- including the use of Room Seperation Lines
  • Learn how to create Schedules
  • Learn how to customise Schedules by adding Fields, Grouping & Sorting, changing their appearance, etc
  • Learn how to create additional Schedule types– based on any component in your model (ie Furniture Schedules, Ceiling Schedules, etc)
Tags and Annotations
  • Understand the use of Tags and Annotations and how they aid the production of your document set
  • Understand how to really utilise the parametric power of Tags to significantly aid the coordination of information
  • Understand the use of Phases in Autodesk Revit.
  • Learn how to use Phases in “Existing & Proposed” type projects
  • Learn how to use Phase Filters to produce Demolition Plans
Preparing to Output
  • Learn how to add Sheets to your project
  • Learn how to add Views to your Sheets
  • Learn how to create Sheet Sets for efficient reuse


Learning Objectives

As you will see from the Course Itinerary above, the objective of this 3 day Training Package is to equip you will all the fundamental skills required in order to:-

  1. Start a Project in Revit
  2. Create a 3D model of your scheme
  3. Generate key views automatically from you model (eg Elevations, Sections, Isometric Views, etc)
  4. Detail your model to produce construction documents (including Scheduling)
  5. Output your final document set

Each Delegate will receive an Exercise Book that we work through during the 3 days.


Who is this for?

This course is aimed at Designers (eg Architects, Technologists, Interior Designers) who wish to use Autodesk Revit to produce and detail Architectural models. It is firmly aimed at the beginner and requires no previous experience of Autodesk Revit. Please Note:

  • The maximum number of Delegates for any one session is 6. This limit ensures that there is adequate time to answer all questions and for each Delegate to receive the assistance they require during the training.
  • Delegates are to provide their own hardware and a working copy of Autodesk Revit
  • I provide my own hardware and software
  • Access (for me) to connect to a large screen or projector is highly desirable- in order to demonstrate the concepts during the course
  • If you wish to customise the contents of this course (to focus more on certain areas), please contact me (using the form below) in order to discuss.


Pricing & Availability

If you would like details on the cost of this course and it’s availability, please drop me a line using the form below or emailing me at

Please include your location, your preferred dates and the number of Delegates you wish to attend.   [contact-form-7 id=”107″ title=”Contact form 1″]