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Hi and welcome to my very first Blog Post, here on BIMscape.

I’m sure you’ll have noticed that information is pretty sparse around here at the moment. In this first post, I’ll share with you what I am currently up to and (more  importantly) what is in store for BIMscape over the next 6 to 12 months.

You may have read on the About page that up until April of this year I was employed full time as a Team Leader of a Design Team, in a Local Authority- Shropshire Council, to be specific! Since leaving that employment I have been extremely busy- both in setting the foundations of the company and also actually undertaking some paid commissions!

Quite a lot of my time has been spent planning the BIMscape website. As well as conveying the services that I can offer, I very much want the website to be a place where people can obtain all sorts of information relating to BIM. Some of this will be technical tutorials, some will be articles on the Processes and Procedures relating to BIM.

I think there is a perception that BIM is a bit of a “Black Art”- people sometimes have trouble in defining exactly what it is. Hopefully over the coming months and years we can start to unpick the key concepts around BIM and how they work in practice.

So what exactly can you expect to see in the near-future on BIMscape?

Well, in the pipeline are:-

  • Articles and Tutorials on Revit Architecture & Revit MEP (Revit Structure coming later)
  • Articles and Tutorials on Navisworks (all flavours)
  • A thorough unpicking of Level 2 BIM, in time for the UK’s deadline of 2016
  • A  look at COBie, IFC, etc
  • Video Tutorials & Articles : I’ve created a YouTube Channel where I will host videos on every aspect of BIM (I’ve just got to master using Camtasia Studio now!)

As these new articles become available, their respective Categories will get added to the drop-down menu..


My BIM “Tools of Choice” are the Autodesk favourites- but of course, there are many options available to you in terms of BIM Authoring Tools. As a member of BuildingSMART UK, I am a firm advocate of open interoperability. Whatever tool suits you best, that the best choice for you! So please don’t think I am only going to be covering Autodesk Software. BIM is not a tool, it is a lot more than that.

And finally…..

I will be publishing a monthly Newsletter. This will summarise the previous month’s activity on BIMscape- with links to all the key articles and tutorials. Also any cutting-edge Industry BIM News will be featured. So if you don’t have time to regularly check the website for updates, the Newsletter may be an efficient way of making sure you don’t miss anything of interest. I know a lot of websites say this- but I really won’t be sharing your email address with anyone else. I (personally) am the only person to see you email. And I firmly believe that one email a month is enough- no one (including me) likes to get their inbox flooded with emails. So if you’d like to receive the Newsletter (the first one coming out on the last day of this month), just enter your email address in the top right hand side of this page.

I sincerely hope you like what you’ve seen so far and look forward to sharing much more info with you in the very near future.

Kind Regards,



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